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Muzzio, Visionary Architect by adrius15
Muzzio, Visionary Architect
I love using Da Vinci as a commander in EDH, he's more fun than consistently tutoring for things. And there's nothing better than a turn-four Darksteel Forge.

Artifacts, clockwise from bottom left: Perilous Vault, a couple Myrs, Wurmcoil Engine, Umezawa's Jitte, Bonesplitter, Fireshrieker, Sol Ring, Sensei's Divining Top, Darksteel Amulet, Darksteel Ingot

Click/download for full beautiful resolution!
Drifting Demon by adrius15
Drifting Demon
This concept meandered around for a while, being more oozing, then more hard-edged, then more directly futuristic, and then it ended up here. I’m proud of it.
Dubious Footing by adrius15
Dubious Footing
I wanted to draw something on this theme for a while, and I may as well draw some more pointy mountains in the process.

Click or download for full resolution.
Nangklao the Rebuilder by adrius15
Nangklao the Rebuilder
I've noticed that all my goblins are Eastern European and all my merfolk are Southeast Asian. It just fits so well each time.

Made in Flash, click for full resolution. I am inordinately proud of that pillar.
Sea God by adrius15
Sea God

After dinner, the townsfolk invited me to Sunday mass. Though not especially religious myself, honoring God for my survival and rescue seemed prudent.

I will admit that I never paid much attention in church as a child, but I do not remember God being a bizarre amalgamation of sea beasts.

The chapel had no clear symbols of Protestant or Papist allegiance, with nary a cross or Virgin Mary in sight. Instead, the main decorations were unsettling marine features- carved tentacles wrapped around the pillars in exquisite detail as colossal ribs formed vaulted arches.

The service never dwelt on love or mercy for very long- the Sea has no moral compass, for good or ill, and all the offerings in the world could not save the town from a cataclysmic storm. Nonetheless, the Sea deserves respect, and I gathered that I should not blaspheme it.

The hymns were solemn dirges sung by the town’s oldest men, with only the barest hint of joy or triumph. Despite the language barrier, I understood the message- the Sea does not care if we live or die, but that is not an excuse to forsake responsibility.

It is a call to create something meaningful despite the Sea.

Part of a larger story thing I'm working on, posted over on my blag,

Download for full beautiful resolution!


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Some of my favorite artists are Jen Zee, Nils Hamm, Igor Kieryluk, and Ai Weiwei.

I am a self-taught digital artist who, in retrospect, probably should have gotten Photoshop instead of Flash. Whatever, it's a moot point now.
I felt bad about letting my Tumblr lie dead after finishing Infection, so I rechristened it as an all-purpose art blog. Give it a look over at…
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Hey, I hear your Birthday is coming up.  Any requests I could fill?  I can do Gmod, Pencil, or Pixel Art.
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How nice of you!

Pixel art sounds nice, subject matter is your choice. :3
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Yeah, I'm at a loss of what to make for you...
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